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Amazing alternatives to the traditional wedding cake ๐Ÿง

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Choosing a wedding cake might seem like a pretty standard affair, all things considered: you visit a bakery or two, try out some of their cakes, maybe pick a chocolate tier & a carrot-cake tier (don’t judge: I love carrot cake) and choose the fancy bow to get wrapped around your white icing. Sounds straightforward! …and dull. What if I told you there was a whole wild world filled with every variation you could think of? And we’re not just talking about cakes here…

1. Doughnut cake

…or, for our American friends who don’t like quite so many letters: a donut cake. Like a lot of the entries on this list, a doughnut cake is less a ‘cake’ in the traditional sense and more a great big stack of artfully arranged doughnuts. And how can that idea sound anything other than awesome?

Stacked doughnuts making up a tiered cake

2. Cheese wheel

Okay so stay with me here, but what if you wedding cake was a wedding cheese? I mean, that’s probably not the most appealing name (“Gather ’round everybody as the newlyweds cut the wedding cheese!”)

I’ve actually attended a couple of weddings recently where the newlyweds opted for a great big load of cheese rather than a cake – in one case they had a huge selection of different cheeses from all over the world; for the other wedding they had one great big – and I mean GREAT BIG – wheel of cheese. That thing must have cost at least the same as a large wedding cake.

Wheel of white cheese
Imagine this wheel of cheese but like, 400 times bigger.

3. Cupcake cake

These have been so popular at so many weddings I’ve been to, so how could it not make it onto the list? Not everybody likes the same flavours of cake, no matter how much they love each other. Some people – amazing, strong, powerful people (*ahem*) – love carrot cake; and other people obviously have zero taste. As such, a compromise might leave you with a cake flavour neither of you are crazy about; or at least one entire tier of cake you don’t want to eat. Bleurgh – who needs that?

Instead, why not get a few dozen cupcakes of varying flavours? That way you’re bound to please everyone’s palette (including your own, which is the most important). And if you still want a cake-cutting ceremony, you can always get a small 8-10 inch cake of any flavour (but let’s be honest, it should be carrot cake).

Decorative tiered cupcake holder made of wire

4. Naked cake

I think probably my least favourite part of any cake is the icing. There’s always so much of it. And if it’s a fruit cake and there’s a marzipan layer too? Ugh. I wanted cake, not some kind of fondant burrito.

And that’s why I love naked cakes: almost as scandalous as they sound, a naked cake is one without royal icing or inch-thick fondant adorning its luscious layers. You can get cakes that only have a skim of buttercream (or a ‘crumb coating’), or cakes that are COMPLETELY NAKED – the choice is yours. And as an added bonus, you may save a pretty penny on the cost of that cake too – decoration is expensive!

Semi-naked wedding cake with a pink buttercream crumb coating

Always remember: the cake is your choice first & foremost; and it’s entirely likely you’ll be taking at least some of it home, so make sure it’s one you’ll love!

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